In Waking Up To A Dream

They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever. – Oscar Wilde

There are millions of nonsense going through my head, it’s like a hurdle on it’s own just to wake up from that place. And I have been stuck in this dark hole for a bit. It’s as if I live in two worlds. 

Then, as I was watching Nat Geo’s Word Travels episodes, it got me thinking (eh doesn’t that happen all the time anyway?) .. in today’s world, we’re more open, more connected to this travel world that I used to remember it was one of those very exclusive/ very lucky people only get to experience. Now, there are more mediums allowing all of us to participate in this worldly adventures; even if it’s at the comfort of your homes.

Which I find very inspiring.

I always kept thinking that being a travel writer or of anything similar to that notion is a one in million kind of job. That it is probably easier to get a PhD for paleontology than to get your hands in travel writing. 

But now, that’s not the case. I have been lucky to meet people who in one way or another have invested in this what I nearly called impossible dream of mine and not to mention Him, who writes this in my book. Indeed, it always starts from you. If you want it bad enough, work for it; the universe will conspire to help you too.

Of course journalism has it’s own levels of appreciation. Like art. 

One can make something out of trash and calls it art. One can write about a place and calls it a travel experience. 

Everyone can be anything they want, create the dreams they see themselves living in. But what sets each and everyone apart is the substance, the personality one carries throughout the journey. And growing up in a society that doesn’t read, it makes that task much harder so to speak. 

Which comes to my next point.

For as long as I’m doing this because (and only because) I love it, then my intentions will always serve it’s purpose. To share with the world about what I see, do, speak, think and touch. Certainly, it’s always nice to know that someone out there among billions of people in this world reads my idiosyncrasies  and make effort to comment; I think I am still in the right place for doing this with the right mind frame and intentions even if I don’t get high traffic. 

I’m a romantic at heart, and I mean romantic in a way that, what I do, it’s something personal and I have to do it because it means so much to me.

Perhaps there’s to many “me” in this post. Although I feel uncomfortable putting myself in the spotlight, this one is exempted. Well, if I’m not doing it because I love it, it would just be another thing someone else is doing isn’t it?

So yes, I’m now revived to be back to write after hiding in the dark. And it feels good too.

I also agree with what Oscar Wilde had said as it is better to live the moment, embrace it and then look back as one of the pages you have made the most in your life rather than brooding about how a moment will have to pass. Because it will.

Therefore, live it.


One thought on “In Waking Up To A Dream

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