Physics of Lens

Pentax/DSC World had been so generous  to lend us their cameras throughout the MySelangorStory tour and it’s only right that I’d do a write up on the Optio P80 from my point of view.

To me this camera is perfect for those who wants a camera just to take photos. The same people who doesn’t bother about having a state-of-the-art newly released cameras. So Optio P80 is really for the fuss free people 🙂 Besides, that’s what point and shoot/compact camera is all about. Letting the camera do the job for you rather than the other way around.

However, the photos tend to be noisy when there’s no sufficient light to feed the lens. Image quality is alright in it’s category. Of course, the higher end models are far better. I have no complains for the lens, it’s sharpness is fairly good.

It does have some cool settings that you need to experiment with like half-length portrait mode (you see this sort of style during the coming out of Facebook era), panoramic and wide angle modes which automatically stitches the photos together. There is this smile detection mode that I find interesting. It captures the photo the moment the camera recognises the smiles. Which is great on some level but I also realise, all of us smile differently and this mode only detects a certain way, I think it has to do with the way the eyes and lips moves up as one smiles. So it’s not an ideal mode if you’re in a rush.

With good lighting, I find it easy to use the 12x optical zoom but when the light starts to go dimmer, it struggles to focus but can do wonders in the club/brightly lit atmosphere.

Above all, I was impressed with Optio P80 HD video recording. Because it’s sets in high definition, it takes only 4:40 minutes worth of video in 1GB memory card. This changes drastically when you set the resolution lower. Not one to really use the video mode, I actually thought this was a good feature to use when the need arises 🙂

What I like the most about Optio P80 is the slim design. It fits in my pocket easily during my night outing that I don’t have to worry about carrying it anywhere I go 🙂 So that’s a definite thumbs up from the person who lunges her DSLR everywhere she goes.

I think this quote describes Pentax Optio P80 very well 🙂

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it. – Ivan Panin


Introducing the Colourful Insanities

Because we are a colouful bunch of insanities during MySelangorStory tour. I couldn’t think of anything better to describe it.

The moment I stepped foot on Subang Sky Park Terminal’s ground, that familiar coming home feeling kicked in. It’s been my childhood playground due to the fact that I spent a lot of my time growing up here. So this event only amplified the sentimental value I have with the airport. Ah, memories.

At the entrance of Kapitan Kopitiam, the Tourism Selangor crew as well as Firefly’s crew greeted me with big smiles. That warm welcome instantly calmed my nerves. I couldn’t thank them enough for that.

I always think that the start to anything is always the hardest and awkward but the moment all 26 bloggers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore met each other, it was as if everyone had known each other for sometime already. It’s probably because MySelangorStory has helped made the transition for all of us much smoother and easy. Also it has a lot to do with the fact that everyone sort of “ice break” through twitter and emails when the finalists were announced earlier.

I think Kapitan Kopitiam was a good location for us to sit and chill because we were definitely doing a lot talking, laughing and of course camwhoring. Not to mentioned, they made really good Teh Tarik and some local delicacies to keep our stomachs from growling. What is Malaysia without it’s good o’ Teh Tarik?

Sy told me that those who were flown in by Firefly (since they were our official airline) were given VIP treatment prior to their flight. Heck, they even got a tour around the airport! Now, how awesome is that? Made me wish I was from Penang instead 😉

About 30 minutes later, Raja Sa’adi, Head of PR & Marketing for Firefly kick started the tour with a short speech before handing over Firefly’s jersey to us to wear which then proceeded with more camwhoring. I guess it comes with the territory of being a blogger.

The first time when I stood next to a stewardess for a photo shoot, I was taken aback by how spontaneous Firefly cabin crew were as they posed silly with all of us. Even I can’t help but be charmed by their warm personalities and joined in the fun. Yes, me likey.

However, the one person who caught my eyes was James, the official Firefly photographer. He is quite the character I must say, so animated. I can tell he is a good storyteller by the way he talked to us.

You’ll know a good photographer when one can get the best out of the people and situation; something I keep in mind to practice in my approach when the occasion arises in the future.

Thumbs up sir =) You definitely made me day with your witty remarks.

Besides, the only way to learn something is by observing how the pros do it.

Then, we headed to the bus outside and were greeted by Kak Ning, who I must say is one of the coolest tour guide I’ve come across and standing beside her was Somu, our driver for the day.

Since the itinerary was not released yet during the time, Kak Ning informed us that our first stop would be Shah Alam where we stayed in Carlton Holiday Hotel for the night.

Later, we were sent over to one of the hall for a PENTAX-DSC World briefing. There, Madam Rissa Chan, Executive Director of DSC World Sdn. Bhd. handed out PENTAX cameras for our use during the tour. There were a few different models and I was handed the Optio P80.

Right away, we fiddled with the camera and I sure hope Citra (guy with the green camera) will get to keep his Optio W90 because he was so happy when he showed the camera he received to me and Nicole. Yes, Citra – write that advertorial ok? This tour has only just begun and I’ve already learned so much from everyone and everything that had happened.

Each day offers us the gift of being a special occasion if we can simply learn that as well as giving, it is blessed to receive with grace and a grateful heart. – Sarah Ben Breathnach

As the sun went down for a rest, we went out to play. Part II will reveal what we did throughout the night.

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