A few days ago, Black Tomato had this interesting weekly competition and I got inspired with it and made this wallpaper of the thoughts I want to project out to the world. I think if each of us got around to fill in the blank canvas with thoughts and emotions, then stick it anywhere we always spend most time looking; we’d all be more positive and happy.

It’s just a theory but I really do think it would work because we will be able to to see our own state of mind laid out in front of us rather. That’s when you get to analyse yourself, see yourself for what you are than *think* about what you may be. You can’t disregard it, nor make excuses and delete it because it’s right front of you.

Each and every word in that canvas are linked to each other one way or another. And a lot of them would not have been the case if it weren’t for traveling. It made me grow a lot in terms of being more humble and laid back. We know all things don’t happen the way we want it to be but if you go along with the journey to getting there, you’d learn a lot more when arriving at the destination.

The journey not the arrival matters. – T. S. Eliot

So I can’t imagine what it’d be like not to travel at all. Not able to see, smell, touch, talk and love while traveling would be absurd to me. Then again, even those who travel and not able to experience those little things are just as pointless as each place we go (even the places we already know) is capable to teach us something we can apply to ourselves.

🙂 If you think you have not enough money to travel, I’d say bogus! Travel is just a state of mind – even the city you live in has a lot of hidden secrets you don’t know about. Go, discover your roots and have lots of fun while you’re at it.


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