Traveling: It’s a state of mind.

Everyone travels, whether it’s from one’s house to the office or across the ocean. Different places offer different experiences, some gain a new perspective and others find it indifferent. It’s all about making the lemons into lemonade.

This is why I love traveling. It didn’t matter where I go, how I do it or why I make the journey because without fail, I will learn something from it. Able to appreciate further what a smile from a stranger without feeling hesitant to reply the same is an amazing feat I’d say! It also humbles us from the materialistic world, educating us to make the most of what we have and always be grateful.

What is the best part for me about traveling? People I rub shoulders with can easily make my day just as much as I can make theirs. It’s the little things in life that makes it so special, you truly have to be there and experience it yourself to understand how remarkable the experience is. I wouldn’t be surprised to know that Selangor can throw our socks off with its incredible characters and stories.

Since I started backpacking out of curiousity 5 years ago, I learned to be more tolerant of other cultures, have deeper connection with people I meet along the way and make each place I stay a home of my own. That way I’ll be able to embrace the beauty God has created for us that we disregard so often these days.

Maybe that’s why He wrote MySelangorStory into our lives.

I like to think that each street, area, city, state, country and continent holds a secret key for each and every one of us. I know it sounds impossible to unearth every key in the world but that’s what motivates me even more to move around. After all, to do something and follow through, we need to make sure the intentions are solid and real. Otherwise, it will just fizzles out with time. Which wouldn’t do any place, even Selangor for that matter, justice if we don’t put our heart into it.

I wouldn’t know how to word out reasons why I should be part of MySelangorStory team because you don’t need reasons to travel. You just do it because you want to and have faith that every person, place and culture touches your heart so that you’ll come out better from it.

Thus far, I can’t find a place I’ve been to that I never liked. Heck, you can throw me in Bukit Melawati tomorrow and I’d be just as ecstatic to go. Traveling has truly shaped my mind and altered it into something else that I hope I’ll be able to return the favour along the way.

Yes, I must admit, traveling is a sacred ritual in my life and I’d like to make Selangor part of that ritual too.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. – Henry Miller


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