Musik, My Travel Therapy

I travel the garden of music, thru inspiration. 
It’s a large, very large garden, see? – Peter Tosh

Music has been very much the core and foundation to my very being. It’s important that I have it with me wherever I go to wherever I will be. Kinda like a friend I know that I can count on no matter what state of mind I’m at. It’s my therapy. My anchor. Dramatic eh? Ah, what is life without a little bit of drama.

I’ve never failed to pick up a cd when I travel to new/familiar places. While others collect magnets, postcards or other souvenirs, I buy books and cds. I’m a dork through and through 🙂

Josh Rouse’s Subtitulo was one of the discovery I made during my previous Euro trip which turned out to be my OST for the entire month. God, that album resonated with how I felt at that time – going on my first ever trip abroad on my own.

I don’t know what is it with music but I’m somehow very connected to it. Not that I’m in any way talented whatsoever, it’s just..let’s put it this way – music saves my life and without it, I’m not sure if I’ll be as sane as I am today. Even then, I do question myself somedays. Heh.

So these are my five main artists who’ll be in my playlist through the 30 days across East and West Europe (I’ll share with you the list I’ll travel in the next post):

1. Paola & Chiara
I’ve been listening to this duo since 2000 and I’ve always wanted to get their albums but it’s never available in Malaysia. At that time, I have this mad obsession about Italia (still do actually), I have no idea why. Listening to it again brings back so many memories and it’s only right that I bring them along to my trip 🙂 

2. Coldplay
To explain the kind of impact this band has made in my life would take me forever to find the perfect words. To watch them play live in Stade de France, Paris next month is something I’ve yet to digest and I will promise you that there will be a moment when I would have tears in my eyes. Oh, I have no doubt about that. Ego aside.


3. Ellie Goulding
I could just picture myself playing her albums on loop throughout the journey. There’s something about her words, her mood that strikes a chord with me and I know I’ll be hunting down for her albums in HMV later.

4. Artful Dodger

I’ve always loved old skool UK garage band. I miss those days when music was just so good, so pleasant to the ears that it just never gets old. If there’s a club still playing AD, I’d be over the moon for sure. 

5. Jamiroquai

There’s no place I’d go without Jamiroquai. Full stop. Just a shame that his tour has ended before my trip. What I’d do to watch him perform again.

So these are some of the many song that’ll accompany me while I find my home, myself and my inspiration. Travel and music to me goes hand in hand. One doesn’t function without the other. It tears the heart, it speaks for the soul, it expresses love and it shares the joy.

Now, where’s my shuffle again? Darn it.


5 thoughts on “Musik, My Travel Therapy

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  2. Hey Dian, I noticed that some links that are intended to point at your blog are actually pointing to (with two T´s). I´ve registered that blog and redirected it to your blog (try it out :)Let me know if you want to own that domain, I can transfer it to you. Just send me a message. The contact form is on my website. Cheers!Matt

  3. Oh wow Matt! I was truly unaware of that and I don't know how else to thank you for the head's up. Not to mentioned for directing to this site. Wow! I'm humbled by your kindness. If you don't mind, sure. Will contact you! Thanks again!

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